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Hello People,

I am Florida Chiropractic Clinic's, new hands-on, soft tissue, massage/bodywork therapist. With seventeen years of hands-on continuing education, and practice, I presently practice specific, and non-specific massage/bodywork, integrated modalities/techniques of eastern/western massage philosophies teachings.

Specific massage, is bodywork geared to specific problem, an area of greater discomfort/pain, or restriction in the body, it may also be based on the doctors diagnosis. A thirty minute massage is specific, however can be longer, and is relaxing.

Non-specific massage, is a full/whole body massage. I use this massage as a tool for body assessment, to obverse and find restrictions, or balance/imbalance in soft tissue, also to make decision of modality/technique best for any specific needs. This may allow YOU, the client/patient to feel areas of the body that are tight or restricted, (areas that you may not be aware of) and may aide YOU in the body's healing process. If, there are no body issues, this is a good massage for just feeling better, and growing up and forward. Sixty to ninety minutes for a specific/non-specific massage.

Remember!! Chiropractic and massage/bodywork may go hand and hand, neck and neck, as both are about keeping the body moving with structure and function. Chiropractic is structure, the skeletal/bones. Massage is fuction, the soft tissues.

Comfortable clothing, loose fitting, and easy to move-in, may be worn, if desired.

P.S. deep pressure does not mean deep tissue, and deep tissue modalities/techniques do not have to hurt!

Debbie Hovatter   attended:
Health Enrichment Center, Lapeer, Michigan
Sandy Fritz School, author of, FUNDAMENTALS OF THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE first edition 1995

Continuing education:

John Barnes, Myofascial Release I, II, and unwinding. MFR

Florida School of Massage, Gainesville School of Massage, Gainesville, Florida
Pete Whitridge, Myofascial Technique 

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